Casa, the entry point and appropriately chosen name for when wanting to get back to the start of all Kiwinutz articles, reflections, creative links. Each page will be Moment of inspiration, at least to me. Life’s a journey, seems to be the running theme right now and no doubt will continue to be that way for some time, one can only hope. Having a home casa to come back to throughout life has been the real discovery of the journey so far, it has a fitting place.

The Alchemist

This one’s for you Double-O. It is within these site pages that an understanding of the sites own nature is unfolding. The blank canvas is quite deliberate, to ensure that It’s content is not guided by history and the past. There is nothing to fear back there however I’ve discovered that new is always exciting if you embrace it. These pages are, if one dares to think out loud, a public diary of experiences today, as for tomorrow, I don’t know… it doesn’t matter, the journey is still unfolding.

Welcome to old friends and new

Thank you for visiting, I hope that you find what you are looking for, right now I’d be surprised that you do but you’re more than welcome. The new business plan is developing as we speak and so I thought that the only way to demonstrate it was to reflect on it’s progress in real-time.

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