Boulder Envy

Hand-made Bouldering wall, south side profile

Hand-made Bouldering wall, south side profile

For climbers, finding that perfect piece of rock in which you can pit your strength and skills against all year round is not always the easiest thing. Going to the local boulder wall when its dark or raining can somewhat help satisfy that craving. But when you have your own unique, hand-made boulder in your own back yard, that offers the chance to explore your talents, amend your goals and reshape your climbing outlook, it is a most wondeful thing.

Bouldering Wall - west side profile

Hand-crafted Bouldering Wall – west side profile

A steep indoor boulder wall with a quality crash pad, a box full of open-handed holds, a few bolts and a Hex key is an invitation to develop new horizons for your climbing career. The only things missing from the list, to create the boulder of your dreams I’m afraid is: an expert in their field, an artist and a carpenter. If you can bring all of  those things together for a few spare days of hard work you may turn your boulder envy into a reality of your own. Until then behold…

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