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Net turner off’er

So, I’ve been trying to justify my carbon footprint, or at least to myself. My attempt and means of measurement has come in the form of turning off lights and switches. To be clearer, more lights and switches than I have turned on myself that day. That makes me a Net turner off’er in my simplistic definition of carbon neutrality. I combined this act with a personal ritual of visualising a tiny bit of coal  being removed from an industrial furnace. Misguided perhaps but it works for me. Maybe it will work for everybody?

There is a sad realisation and failure however within this model of saving the world’s climate crisis. For there to be enough powered lights and switches for everyone to contribute to the carbon neutral movement. It needs to be supported by an army of Net turner on’ers to help us off’ers feel good about ourselves. There can only ever be one real solution; don’t turn it on in the first place.

It may mean that after more than 50% of the population  has joined my secretive and somewhat exclusive club of Net turner off’ers that I’ll have to start a new club. Until that day arrives I can remain blissfully ignorant to my true footprint (Yeti-sized), thanks to the still rather large club of Net turner on’ers. Thank you people, you know who you are.

Philosophical (phil·o·soph·i·cal)

phil·o·soph·i·cal (adjective)

Relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

Better than ‘blog’ maybe (?), sounds a bit Buddhist but as the Revels advert goes; “But I like Buddhism!” (Coffee in the Ad I think). Well Buddhism er no… philosophy/’ical’ it will be for now. Until I get the chance to reflect on things… Ha

Big bruv creeping up (?)

I only really read the BBC news pages. They seem to do their job very well. I’m glad for their reporters looking into things that I don’t, or can’t look into whilst busy being me for a lifetime. The license fee is well spent, if not just for the news, their internet pages. It allows me to read things like this ‘Real-time surveillance‘ on the British public, a report by Chris Baraniuk a BBC technology reporter. Thank you Chris my credit for your investigation.

Investigatory Powers: ‘Real-time surveillance’ in draft update

How do I feel about this? Well lots really. Understanding the concept is greater than just taking sides on this one. The concept to consider is one of trust, who are we not trusting here? I get caught in twists over whether this draft-update is protecting the British public by in effect building a wall between us and the nasties out there. Or is it putting the British public  in a cage of paranoia, wondering just who the nasties really are.

So, to the real questions. Is it that we really don’t trust the reasons behind a creep toward big brother. Or is it that Big brother actually is trying to do a good job and that’s what democracy is all about. Double-or!, If 1984 had never been written, would we ever notice so many eyes in the shadows?