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Plastic pencils really don’t work

If your plan to save the planet is to purchase pencils made from recycled plastic then think about the logic of your action. You will be taking a piece of safely collected plastic, rescued from a milk bottle, or similar, that could go on to make yet another milk bottle. Instead of that perfectly reasonable second or third life, you create an item that is ultimately destined to be shaved into a thousand pieces. Each tiny fragment never again having a chance to be a milk bottle again.

Oh and of course the point (pardon the pun) to this whole blog article is that plastic pencils really don’t work. They scratch and they shine but they really don’t write, anything like as good as an old-fashioned biodegradable wooden pencil with non-toxic graphite lead. This last and most pertinent point is ultimately the reason that the humble wooden pencil will remain king for evermore.

Autel Autolink AL519 – unpacking video and review

Autel AutoLink AL519If I had to guess then I’d say that the item shamefully missing from most modern household garages or sheds has to be the  ecu scanner / engine management light reader / engine diagnostic reader or whatever you care to call those mystical machines that go ping!.. in the hands of the AA / RAC / Service mechanic or local mechanic, as you wait for the sharp draw of breath…

if you don’t want to read?…, then the Autel AL519 unpacking video is at the bottom.

Well I’ve finally got one. With three cars recently at the mercy of the darned engine management light blinking at me or sneering at me, I bit the bullet. I researched the heck out of it for all of two days, then with £50 to spend I hit the amazon account and took up one one time ‘Prime offer’ for free next-day delivery. Turned out the Autel AL519 was only £49.33 on Prime so happy days. I could have saved another £2.45 if I wanted to wait an extra four days for delivery. Not me I wanted it now, well tomorrow*.

*It also turns out that I didn’t get it out the box for a week so another pointless prime cash-in but impulse is impluse. If anyone’s interested, it did turn up next-day at the prescribed time, so well done Amazon.

I think that I’ve got about as good as I could do with my buck. The final purchase came down to the Autel AL519 OBD2 & CAN (whatever CAN means?). So, watch the vid, it’s short so don’t put the kettle on.

What’s in the box? AUTEL AL519 OBD2 & CAN Scan tool >>


Well if you’re still interested I’m going to put this beauty into action, in true numpty style and see what I do with it. I’ll post any links as they happen. Ta ta