Climbing Boulders hand sculpted and unique.

For climbers, finding that perfect piece of rock in which you can pit your strength and skills against all the year round is not always the easiest thing. Going to the local boulder wall when its dark or raining can somewhat help satisfy that craving. But how disappointing is it when you turn up to the local climbing centre to find that special route you have been working on has been replaced and will never return. Or that the routes are all too hard, too easy or just too similar.

Hand crafted Climbing Boulder in your organistaion

Bouldering Wall - west side profile

Hand-crafted Bouldering Wall

Now think about having your own hand-sculpted and totally unique boulder in your own back yard, then that is different. You can control the routes that It then offers the chance to explore talents, amend goals and reshape one’s climbing outlook.

This is just one example of a plywood built bouldering wall that could easily fit within your sports complex, gym industrial unit or garage if it’s big enough. Fully load-tested for your satisfaction and security. The indoor boulder building service can be built with angles that suit your climbing aspirations and then additioanlly complemented with route-setting up to Font 8a and safety matting fitted to BMC guidelines. Unleash the climbers within your school, college, gymnasium or climbing wall with a bespoke, original and ultimately satisfying experience. Your very own boulder wall that can chnage and adapt to your own needs