There is and so will continue to be a creative spirit within Kiwinutz pages. Every now and again the chance that; some magic happens, an inspirational moment or I just plain old lucky. However it comes, I live for these moments. That is the centre of my creative side. It has provided many frustrating times for me but more than enough joy in return, when something good appears in front of my eyes.

So for the creative skills…

I can only currently list, for historical value, some of my most recent web designs. They are for the majority original work. They represent to me 1000 hours or more of hard work, with much of that work then edited and re-written. The creation is in the final product but such is the nature  a of web designing, the cutting room floor is immense.

When looking through my files in the future I will find new areas in which to enlighten  or maybe frighten the world.