About Kiwinutz web design studio

Kiwinutz is an odd name but it is steeped in the history of the family and has sort of stuck. The name was first conceived for a family holiday blog page in New Zealand and has then transpired through to a web development business. As I say the name sort of stuck, so much so that we use it universally within our family whenever a business idea or plan is conceived. Like I say a bit odd in a way but to us it has meaning, and that is all that is needed from a name.

Website Services

Kiwinutz has been providing internet services to its’ customers since 2006. Based in East Cornwall, our studio overlooks the beautiful Tamar valley We are a small company offering the full product range that’s ideal for small to medium size businesses.

Design by Kiwinutz

Kiwinutz lead web designer Paul Seymour has a proven background in designing and delivering corporate business plans, logo design and of course business and project web pages. With a background in Surveying, Business & Corporate Management, Risk Management, Oracle Database Implementation & Management, and Outdoor adventure, he is an all-rounder, able to guide you comfortably though to the end product, and beyond.

Project Management of your Site Development

We are able to project manage the whole of development of your site, from conception to delivery, seeing issues before they occur, and minimising the problems before they start. We can set up your site remotely from any distance, within agreed timescale’s and to agreed standards. Each of our customers near or far are valued and equal.

Kiwinutz Hosting

Kiwinutz hosting service has an unrivalled 99.9% up time, delivering a wide bandwidth for perfect customer satisfaction. Alternatively if you need to host your own site then we can work with you to ensure that the development of your site is as seamless as possible. Our consultancy service could prove invaluable when seeking a suitable hosting service, whilst your Kiwi Nutz allocated web designer will ensure that when you’re ready to go live, you will have a working site ready to upload.

More About us and our Services

If you would like to know more about the services we provide then view our Services Page. For further or more detailed questions why not contact us directly through our contacts page. Any questions you may have will be handled promptly and accurately.