Web development services

We provide everything you need to get your business on-line including: domain name registration, logo design, web design, bespoke database implementation, hosting and even corporate document presentation and training. It really comes down to how involved you want or need to be.

Web Development Introduction

This page outlines our basic product range. It outlines the main stages and considerations you will need to take to get your business on the internet, in a way that can grow with your business needs.

The principle is that you start small and allow your web site to grow with you. Kiwinutz can provide this service by acting as your consultant, web-developer, database-developer, web-publisher and web-hosting centre. After setting up your opening home page(s) with Kiwinutz you will be able to view your site on-line. Advise Kiwinutz of your additional requirements and we complete the updates to your web site, ready for you and your customers to view on-line. All these changes are only ever charged at the hour-by-hour rate, applicable to all Kiwinutz customers.

Of course, if you wished to make some significant changes to your web site then Kiwinutz will consult with you to adapt to your business needs. We can provide real-time interactive database-driven websites that support your business, giving your clients or employees the information they want. If you need a secure log-in system or customer registration system then Kiwinutz are your team. Designing custom-graphics are also our speciality, animations and galleries can all be introduced at different times of your project, both before and after your site has gone live.

Guide to our services


Every introduction to the internet needs a consultancy stage to initiate ideas and plan ahead to get the right package for your business. Kiwinutz recommends this approach to ensure that the end product is as close to your expectations as possible.

Our consultancy service is uncomplicated and informal, it sets out a framework and timetable for development and costs of the project, and includes stages for further consultation so that you know what is going on with the project at all times.

Purchasing and Registering domain names

A pre-requisite to having any web site is purchasing a domain name (www.your.co.uk). Kiwinutz will purchase and manage your domain name for you. Annual registration and administration of the domain will remain with Kiwinutz whilst we act as your publisher. This does not tie you to any lengthy or expensive contract, as you will have paid for the full period of registration in the first payment to Kiwinutz.

If you already own a domain-name then you will continue to retain ownership of that name and we simply arrange to have your present domain-name ‘forwarded’ to our server.

Web Design

How do you wish to market yourself? Kiwi Nutz will take your images, text and ideas and provide a solution which best matches your specification. Getting your brand name out there is half the battle and in many cases all you really need. Web pages are after all a means of communication with your customers.

A Web Database is often the ultimate delivery for any business website. A web site that can recall information according to your own or your clients needs is a site that is working for your business.

Kiwinutz will deliver bespoke interactive database systems as a secure business solution for your business, along with the support you need to incorporate this into your business. For example; secure log-in systems for employees, viewing and updating real time back-office systems, or simply information systems for your customers to recall the data they need. It really comes down to where you need to go, talk to us and we can help.

If all you need is a few well-designed pages of information and contact details to enhance your market appeal then leave it at that. Our consultancy stage should manage your expectations before you get to this stage. Remember though that when your ideas change then so can your webpages.


Kiwinutz hosting will handle all the technical server administration and uploading for your business site for a period of six months from the initial site setup.

Beyond this period Kiwi Nutz will simply continue to manage your site at regular six-monthly intervals. Updates to your site will be handled at an hourly rate (see Updates below ).


The appeal of web management is that if your business changes then your site can change with you. Kiwinutz will be on-call to support you through any web page updates, additions or re-deigns. Updates are monitored and charged by the amount of time spent, giving you the freedom to change the slightest detail of your pages without major contracts being drawn up. Once a page is uploaded it simply becomes part of your site and is managed as part of your 6-monthly subscription charge to Kiwinutz

Note: Should your requirements demand additional server space for the period of contract then Kiwinutz will be happy to upgrade your package to a high-end consumer account. In most cases though the consultancy stage will highlight the correct package for you at the outset.

Email Management

From the point of ownership of the domain-name Kiwinutz will create and manage all your business email addresses. This does not mean that we can access your email accounts but we can certainly support and maintain your accounts for you. Email accounts can mean: Single or Multiple email addresses, Forwarding accounts, Mailbox accounts and auto responding email accounts, all addresses as (you@yourbusiness.co.uk)


If you really need to keep close control of your own pages then we can even help you with your training. At the consultancy stage we will be able to highlight your business needs and steer the design specification to a self-managed web site. This means that Kiwinutz will provide the consultancy, software and training you need to manage your own pages.

Alternatively Kiwinutz can provide training on a variety of software packages, for more information on our training services why not use our contacts page.

Search Engine Optimisation

One of the hardest things to break is getting your site known to the rest of the worldwide web. We all know that search engines carry visitors to your site but how do you get your site on to search engines in the first place. There are many ways of achieving this but one of the best ways is to optimise your web pages for search engines. Kiwinutz web design service can provide optimization as part of our overall design package. Ask for more details.

Logo Design

Although you probably have your own logo as a business you may prefer to enhance your branding when stepping into the internet. Kiwinutz always provide a complementing graphic design service along with our web design package. We can work with your logo to produce new fresh ideas for you to consider.