Every now and again, one feels that writing their own articles provides good karma. It assists one to understand just how hard it is to provide top quality editorials , video-blogs, social media accounts or podcasts to a world population. It is prophecised that everyone has a book inside them, well maybe the modern saying should be a blog inside them. Is it true? This site hopes to visit this foretelling and find out the truth.

In addition to this truth seeking and before scoffing at one’s peers with regard to their poor editorials, I have decided to give it a go myself. I have believed until now that I had a modest talent at the finer art of writing copy, we are going to start finding out. So, instead of hiding behind ‘Closed comments”, I have decided to have “Open comments”, for me this is dangerous territory, sacred ground yet untouched. We will see just how brave I am.

I’m hoping to learn that;

  1. I can do it, albeit not very quickly or not very well
  2. That within peoples comments there is true warmth that meant to be  constructive, we’ll see..

I’m expecting to learn;

  1. It’s tough …!

So the following articles allow me and hopefully you to appreciate the work and skill of the talented global population of unknown, part-time, full-time or celebrity internet and video bloggers that have been doing this for years. Their boldness is not daring, it is sharing and that is the journey to take, or be damned for not trying.

My message to any reader, if only to myself; “Try, then try again”