A chance at Blackjack

Blackjack when played in a casino is a real hoot: Frustrating, antagonising and addictive. I love it, the rules never change and a winning streak can strike any time. Temptation to double or split ever-present and of course the excitement when that famous double-act appear in your hand and dealer pays 3:2, blackjack! It can also bust you for every chip, if your desire to regularly take risks is not tempered.

Chance is a fine thing

Chance is an old-favourite for everyone. Chance is a lucky word, it is not a word we use to describe anything but a fortunate moment in time. For chance to happen we just have to keep playing. We all know that Chance is just around the corner. Chance is a happy word. So give it a chance, you just might stand a chance at blackjack.

Once again staying in the game for as long as possible whilst waiting for your lucky streak before you have spent your buck. I will explain here a way to have you playing in confidence how to play and have fun and success at blackjack. A helpful approach to the game which can often result in you walking away from the table with a reasonable return for your stakes, and if not will allow you to enjoy the game whilst at the table, through minimising your losses.

First: The rules of Blackjack

The aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over a score of 21 points. If you score equal points with the dealer then that is known as a ‘Push – your bet is returned‘. If your score beats the dealers score (without going over 21 points) then you win, if the dealers score is higher than your score (but is no higher than 21 points) then you lose. Therefore 21 points is the magic number to be aspired to.

You initially receive two cards, both face up and the dealer will be dealt two cards, one is face up and the other is face down. From this hand you can score how many points you have so far, and at the same time guess whether the dealer has a good or bad hand. You then make the decision to either ‘Hit – give me another card‘ or ‘Stand – no more cards‘. You can Hit as many times as you need to as long as you do not ‘Bust – go over 21 points‘.

Then it is the dealers turn to show their hand by turning over their hidden card and then hitting until they reach 17 points or more. The dealer will ‘Stand’ on 17 points or higher. This is the point when you either Win, Push or Lose, depending on your score against the dealers.

There is a bit more to it but that is all you need to know right now.

Success at Blackjack

Like all casino games the rules are stacked so that the casino always takes the lions share of the stake (eventually). This is purely down to the rules of probability, however within the rules of probability lies oppurtunity for the punter to win, what you need is a way of staying on the table long enough to be able to ride the wave of luck, which will most certainly come your way eventually.

This is how it works, you play perfect blackjack, a system that evens out the odds between you and the casino to the point where the casino wins 51% and you win 49% of the time. However the rules of probabilities mean that quite often you will be ahead of the casino, it is just knowing when to cash out.

Perfect Blackjack

Everything that you need to know is contained below in this image. I’ll go over the details after you’ve digested it.




If you were dealt a total of 12 and the dealer has 3. Look at the above card on the ‘General hand’ section side for 12 and then along the ‘Dealers card’ for 3. Where this column and row crosses is a Green ‘H’ for HIT.

If your HIT deals you an eight, your total points would then be twenty (12+8). Looking again on the left of the strategy card for 20 and along the top for 3, this now tells you to (S) STAND.

It is then down to what the dealer draws, accept the result and move on to the next hand.

Things you should know (The Rules)

  1. You play perfect blackjack using our strategy card above which tell you exactly the best thing to do for every card combination you may have.
  2. If the strategy card shows a blue ‘D’, you click on Double if the option is available.
  3. It the card says ‘SP’ you should click on the ‘Split’ button if available. If a split occurs you then have two hands to play with. Treat each hand as you would a single hand and just follow the strategy card to work out what to do.
  4. Note than the strategy card also has options for when you have two of the same card and also when one of the cards is an Ace. E.g. if you have Ace, 5 and the dealer has
    a four, you should click on ‘Double’.
  5. If you are dealt two cards that add up to seven or less and do not include an ace, then HIT.
  6. If you are dealt two cards that are not shown on the strategy card, then STAND.
  7. If the dealer is showing an Ace, you will be offered insurance. Do not take it.

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