A chance at Roulette

I have played the game of Roulette enough to know that it will spend your money for you, if you let it. Play carefully however and it will sometimes give you rewards that make it worth the effort. The hard bit is to not get carried away at this fun and frivolous game but to have a plan that keeps you in for as long as possible, while you seek a lucky-streak out. Whilst still offering some entertainment along the way. You decide?

Chance of anything

The chance of anything happening within a game that involves the roll of a dice, the turn of a card or the spin of a wheel in the case of Roulette can be calculated if you know the parameters of the medium being used, it’s just mathematics. What the casinos have done since the beginning of recorded history is to analyse the odds and just tweak them in their favour, often by only a couple of percent. They really don’t deceive anyone, in fact they even publicise the odds of winning as being lower than your investment as part of their marketing campaigns. What casinos rely upon is that punters occasionally have a real lucky streak, win big or just come out ahead to maintain their business model. Otherwise why would we come back?

The problem for the casino user, or roulette player in this case is that the casino is always playing the long-game, you are always playing the short-game. By short-game I mean that it is a fun and often adrenilin-filled experience but it is always over when either your resources, nerve or just energy has depleted. The problem being that the depletion of any of the above doesn’t necessarily coincide with you being in profit.

The long-game

In any game of chance you will actually have moments when you get ahead. If only you can stay in the game for long enough to be on the winning side of luck. That is what the long-game is all about.

In a moment of enlightenment I realisd that I had been playing roulette all wrong. I simply had a moment of inspiration and wanted to know if it could work. It did work and I made a profit of £950 from an investment of £20 from an undisclosed on-line casino. I will explain my story later on in the document for anyone that wants to read it but for now I will focus on explaining the system. You may play and distribute this system free of charge. I have placed a Paypal Button for donations for those that think it worthy of a contribution but apart from that have fun and hopefully make some money.

Roulette System: How it works – Introduction

It is simply a way of placing wagers on the table in an organised and unaltering fashion (never break from the system) until you win. Once you win you start the system over again. The thing about the system is that you only ever bet on groups of 12 numbers (dozens) which payout 3 times the wager or stake. And you only ever win a maximum of £2 or $2 whichever currency you operate in. So sometimes you may have a string of 8 bets without winning but when you finally win on the nineth round you actually win £1 or $1 over all. This sounds slow and painful but when using online casinos you can actually make 7 bets inside a minute, so you can easily make £60 or $60 dollars in an hour (sometimes more).

Roulette System: How it works – Play for real

The idea is that you only ever bet the smallest amount possible to get your money back (plus a bit in the long run). So assume the smallest amount is £1, your first bet is £1, if you win on the dozens you will win £3 (a profit of £2). If you lose you need to bet another £1, making a total of spend of £2 over the two bets. If you win, you win £3, a profit of £1 over both bets. Sometimes you may find that you win on a round that produces no profit overall, this is fine because you just start again from your ‘Round 1’. You will eventually start winning sooner rather than later. If you want to make profit on every round then checkout the ‘Always Win’ system below (obviously the risk is slightly greater).
First the warning: This gambling system for roulette should be taken the same way as any gambling system, in the understanding that there is no risk-free way to beat the system.

The idea is that you have an approximate chance of 1 in 3 of guessing the correct dozen that the roulette wheel lands on (actually 12 in 37 chance!). The system allows for you to have 12 chances of you getting this right, spending the minimum amount on each round to make a small profit. If you get to Round 12 and you fail to win then you swallow the loss and start from round 1 again. This means that you make your profit and accept that at some point (exceptionally rare) that you have to bail out and take a loss. You should find that the system will make more than enough for you to accept this loss when it happens.

Example of how to play the system

  • Round 1 bet £1 – Lose
  • Round 2 bet £1 – Lose
  • Round 3 bet £1 – Lose
  • Round 4 bet £2 – Win! (Total profit for betting round of 4 bets = £1)
  • Next, return to Round 1 bet £1 – Lose
  • Round 2 bet £1 – Win! (Total profit for this round of 2 best = £1, overall profit = £2)
  • Next, return to Round 1 bet £1…….


Winning by degrees – Recording your results table

You can use this table (below) to record your progress when you first start, however you will quickly find that all you need to know is the amount to stake in each round.


Which Roulette game and where do you place your stake?

I choose European roulette because it only has 1 ‘0’ keeping the odds done to 12 in 37, closest to 1 in 3. You can place your stake on any of the ‘dozens’, that means in any of the areas identified as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. These boxes are equivalent to placing your chip on all of the 12 numbers. I have found that you can rotate your stake around any of the dozens within any betting cycle, it makes no difference to the outcome and makes it a bit more engaging for you as you play.

Alternative Methods to the System

There are lots of alternatives to running this system that may suit you more, depending on how much of a gambler you are (or not, like me!).

Alternative 1: Safer Betting Cycle – You can try the Safer betting system which reduces your exposure but returns less opportunities to win.

Roulette – passive betting cycle


Alternative 2: Always Profit Roulette wager system in which you always win at least £1 or £2 every betting cycle.


Alternative 3: You can cut out of the betting cycle early, i.e. after round 8 or 9, which reduces your exposure but means that you have to take losses a bit more regularly.


Alternative 4: You can create your own betting cycle using the zipped excel document (>> here). Just enter your bet in the top line at each round and it will tell you how much you will win/lose in that round.

So to end, my story on Roulette, Winning by degrees

I’m not a gambler but I have made several thousand pounds playing on-line casinos over the years, more of a pass-time than a job. It is very exciting and also nerve-racking for me when I play but I guess that is what the sport of gambling is all about. So, as I said before I was intrigued with the mathematics behind the roulette wheel and struck upon this system which I developed and called ‘Winning by Degrees’, not being gready, not cheating, just playing the game profitably.

I found a site that gave me money back (promotion) on my deposit (they all do it), invested my £20 and had a punt. It worked straightaway, sometimes I made money very quickly, sometimes I seemed to standstill for ages, and occassionally I took a small hit, especially early on when I had to bail out at the 8th round due to insufficient funds to carry on. The good thing about the system is that as you get more money in the bank the hits don’t hurt as much because you know that you will make the money back later on, and of course you have more of it so you can go further along the betting cycle.

So, you are probably thinking that most casinos don’t allow you to play through your promotional bonus on Roulette and keep the profit, you’re right, they don’t. So I built up £1000 on the roulette system and then gambled through on the slot machines, until I dropped down to about £600, then built up the funds again on roulette and then gambled through on the slots back to £600 etc. until I had cleared my wager requirements. You always stand a chance of having an enormous win on the slots when you are carefree about your wagers just to clear the promotional requirements, so you are not losing in vain. Eventually I cashed out at £950, left some in the casino to play again another day.

Be aware, I did once get to the point that I had to bail out of the 13th wager in all that time, it hurt to lose £140 and start again but if you do the maths beyond the 13th wager you realise that the stakes get very high, too high for me, be patient and enjoy your winnings. Good luck and if you want to donate then follow below. Thank you.

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