Change your environment to beat the blues

Gnome worldTo overcome a difficult time in your life, like the blues or depression, it can feel almost impossible. Particularly when you are in the middle of that lowest point. As you sink lower and lower the world around you starts to head the same way. After a while the world you live in starts to mirror how you feel. The weight of this burden then serves to keep you exactly where you are. Down, down, down…

Occasionally you may experience a moment of success, you will see a chink of light or a flicker of happiness that allows you to see into a brighter future. You may even be able to make this moment last beyond a day or two before steadily you are reminded of how bad life has got. It is difficult to figure out just how things fail again, how the mind can wander back to it’s unhappy state that you so desire to escape.

Foundations of change

You put all your effort in to being happy and just keep getting the same results. What is happening here? This article argues that the thing that started the blues isn’t necessarily the thing that you need to challenge first. First you need to lay the foundations in which to build the repair. The foundations you lay for your future self will allow your repair to work permenantly. Yes, it is your environment, the space you occupy by day and night. This is where your attention should be directed.

Change your environment, for good

The operative word is change. To change something by definition we mean for it not to be the same as it was before.

  • Verb: make or become different
  • Noun: the act or instance of making or becoming different

If your world has allowed you to get low, then why are you fighting to keep things the same, something has to change, for good.

A caterpillar not a dung-bettle

The catepillar evolves into a beautiful butterfly. It’s not that the hungry grub was ugly but it’s current purpose is no longer required. The dung-bettle does an admirable job, for it’s entire life and there’s still dung on the floor to pick up. So we have to pick a new vision into which we need to evolve.

Feng shui for the mind

If everything that you see is good, then everything that you think also feels good. Decorating and gardening can be a very practical and rewarding activities to get involved in right from the start of your new approach to beating the blues. Try to select changes to your environment that have a permenant impact; something that you see every day, or something that you use every day. Mowing the lawn, painting the fence, varnishing the table, anything that means that you never have to look at it again. It is Feng shui for the mind, without knowing anything about the oriental art.

Waking up every day and seeing changes that have taken place in your life fosters belief that change can happen elsewhere too.

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