Nasal irrigation (?)

Ho yeah baby, we are going straight for the juggular on this one. Stick a tube up your nose and squeeze your sinuses full of water. Oh and add some dissolved salt and bicarbonate of soda for good measure. It’s claimed to be the way forward for people like me who seem to forever being bunged up. Well, that’s nasal irrigation theory. I’m going to make one and use it, that’s what I’m going to do, we’ll see!
Elephant jug and Pugg mug

If that’s all you need to see then: Watch the Nasal irrigation video now!

The story and the facts

So, broke, bored and bunged up for the tenth day running I spent the morning internetting for all the old wives tales to fix poor head. Sure enough the one I’ve tried awfully at before came up time and again. I’m not allowed to use my wife’s elephant jug anymore as I’ve been banned. It was no good anyway, I couldn’t squeeze it and the rinse just ran out of the top onto my head. A new plan was required and a new sense of purpose.

For the bored bit, I decided to document the manufacture of my own nasal irrigation system, it really doesn’t deserve a copyright campaign to defend it but it bloody works.
If you can’t wait for ingredients then go straight to the video now. If you have two more minutes then read on and you will find the video at the bottom of the page.

Inspriation and credits for the Whole Nasal inspriation system thing

So, some credit first to the page that inspired me go for the whole Nasal irrigation thing. Secondly for the Nasal rinse (solution) ingredients list that I used for my experiment. The rest of the approach I made up but I’ll paraphrase the content below.

Nasal rinse in a nutshell

Nasal irrigation system

The nasal rinse bottle

  1. One 250ml squeezable clean and empty condiments bottle (There are some 57 varieties of these)
  2. One lid for the same bottle!
  3. Approximately 30cm of 6-8mm transparent flexible hose (I cut mine from an old activity drinking bladder)
  4. Some Blue-Tac, scissors and a drill bit the same diameter as the flexible tubing.

The nasal rinse

  • Half a teaspoon of Salt (NaCl – table salt etc.)
  • Half a Teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda
  • An average size glass of pre-boiled water but cooled to be tepid. (To be precise that’s enough to fill a 250ml bottle).

The Video – Nasal irrigation system, Kiwinutz style

Next steps?

Well, I hinted that I saw it through to the end. I’m still here, it’s not an instant cure but I do feel slightly better. The headaches are fading but the long game? I didn’t think you needed to see me squirt it up my nose, it’s not pretty but is slightly amusing. You don’t drown if that’s what you are worried about, you do still get wet(ish) but the good news is that no elephants were harmed in the making of this video.

Addendum (18th May)

Two weeks after my sinusitis attack, and my counter-attack with nasal irrigation Kiwinutz-style I’ve found that it actually works. I haven’t breathed through my nose this easily for months. I‘ve maintained my assault, sometimes three times per day, sometimes only once but always daily. I tried upping the quantity of salt and bicarb, it didn’t really provide any more benefits, in fact I quickly returned back to the recommended half teaspoon. Keeping a warm hat on has also been a good backup.

The bottle is still the original however it has started to degrade after lots of squeezing and will need replacing soon. The blue tac often needs respreading and I’m going to upgrade to a hot glue gun for the next model. The summary is that I want to progress with this, perhaps even purchase one of the commercial units but when in the middle of a sinus nightmare it was perfect for the job.

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