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The Alternative New Zealand

Welcome to the alternative New Zealand. A site for travellers (long & short-term residencies) in New Zealand. Here you can find out 'just that little more' about NZ both before and during your visit. The information has been collated through personal experience, as a pomme living in NZ, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. For more on 'what is alternative' please click here.

More on Altenative New Zealand

If you were looking for a starting place for your holiday, an idea of where to start and finish on your tour of NZ, what to expect between the two main Islands, and just whether it really is worth going in the first place then try some of the links and pages below.


Travellers Information Information for the travller on Shopping, Driving, Libraries, Schools, Surfing and Entertainment.
Useful Links Finding New Zealand sites that are relavant to your holiday, can take some time, browse through these essential links to get you started.
South Island Diary The South Island NZ is a truely beautiful part of the world. Civilised yet wild and raw in its' expanse and bio-diversity. Take a walk through the sights of the North East coast.
NZ Gallery New Zealand can only really be appredciated in the flesh but if these pictures are enough to get you thinking about a trip then it was worth us posting them up. See also the Kiwi Rugby 14's signed shirt!
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