Plastic pencils really don’t work

If your plan to save the planet is to purchase pencils made from recycled plastic then think about the logic of your action. You will be taking a piece of safely collected plastic, rescued from a milk bottle, or similar, that could go on to make yet another milk bottle. Instead of that perfectly reasonable second or third life, you create an item that is ultimately destined to be shaved into a thousand pieces. Each tiny fragment never again having a chance to be a milk bottle again.

Oh and of course the point (pardon the pun) to this whole blog article is that plastic pencils really don’t work. They scratch and they shine but they really don’t write, anything like as good as an old-fashioned biodegradable wooden pencil with non-toxic graphite lead. This last and most pertinent point is ultimately the reason that the humble wooden pencil will remain king for evermore.

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