Kiwinutz is an odd name but it is steeped in the history of the family and has sort of stuck. The name was first conceived for a family holiday blog page in New Zealand and has then transpired through to a web development business. As I say the name sort of stuck, so much so that we use it universally within our family whenever a business idea or plan is conceived. Like I say a bit odd in a way but to us it has meaning, and that is all that is needed from a name.

Design by Kiwinutz

Kiwinutz lead designer has a proven background in designing and delivering corporate business plans, logo design and of course business and web based projects. With a background in Surveying, Business & Corporate Management, Risk Management, Oracle Database Implementation & Management, and Outdoor adventure, he is an all-rounder, able to guide you comfortably though to the end product, and beyond.