It is not easy choosing a suitable web designer or finding a perfect customer for that matter. So when it happens, something magic occurs and a team is created that you know you will last and last. Businesses come and go and alas the web design sector of Kiwinutz has long ago seen its golden years. It is only kept alive for prosterity, nostalgia and long term friends that really have no need to move along.

The reality therefore is this service has been wound down for some period but there remains a few dare-doers that I would like to continue to promote for their business benefit, and none to myself.

Promoted websites

The promoted websites below provide an indication of a few of the designs Kiwinutz had once undertaken, along with a description of their wares of course. Each of these sites remain closely affiliated to Kiwinutz, as friends and acquaintences. In their time they have benefited immensely from their internet presence, initiated through Kiwinutz.

If you are interested in any of their products and services then we of course are happy to recommend them to you. We have found each company a privilege to work alongside and we wish them continued luck in their ventures. We hope that this token promotion page serves them well in their internet ranking.

Canoe CornwallCanoe Cornwall provide fantastic river and bushcraft experiences in Cornwall. Based along the beautiful River Fal they are providers of Canoe Camping, Canoe Bushcraft, Canoe Skills Training and retailers of imported Bushcraft tools that you just cannot get anywhere else in the UK.

KartWheelz Go Kart PartyKartWheelz Go Kart Party London The premier Go Kart Party event provider to London and the South East. Let KartWheelz make your kids party go with a whizz as they race around the purpose built safety track in exciting Panther electric go-karts made just for children aged 4 to 10 years.

ShihankaiISKS Shihankai are an international academy of senior Shotokan karate-ka. The ISKS is run by a committee of senior karate‐ka who have trained in Shotokan karate in excess of 35 years each and formed to provide continued security to the  development of the sport.

The Green Physic - Western Herbal Medicine (Cornwall)The Green Physic Western Medical Herbalist of Cornwall Western Medical Herbalist of Cornwall. Specialising in organic herbal medicine on their very own farm. Herbal Medicine in Cornwall done the organic way.

West Country BasketsWest Country Baskets remove the daunting prospect of picking the best flower baskets for your business or home from you to their specialist team of experts. Trust Westcountry Baskets to supply the lushest and most beautiful hanging basket displays on the market.

Dartmoor walks and images, Tour by TorTour by Tor is a walk by walk Tour of some of the South West’s most treasured Possessions, it’s ancient history and beautiful natural landscape. This guide is meant for those who wish to explore Dartmoor in beautiful Devon, England and to reference any walks you wish to pursue yourself.

Incredibubble creative workshop unique handmade designs and adorable gifts brought to you from two fabulous artists.Available to purchase through their online store.